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Comment from a walker on the South Loch Ness Trail:-

I did the SLNT in September with friends. This was a sponsored charity walk over two days. I found navigation from north to south tricky in places but realised the other direction would be easier both physically and to navigate (due the lie of the land. I'd love to know the story of the Fair Haired Lads Pass

This walk has everything woodland, forest, moor, history.... Thanks for all your work.

South Loch Ness Booklet

There is a really good little book available for just £2.99 that gives great info on the South side of Loch Ness and you can buy it with Paypal by using the following link


If you want to read further about the area, the gold standard is Alan Lawson's book "A country called Stratherrick" and this can be got from the South Loch Ness Heritage Group.



06 May 2007Fair Haired Lad's Pass

My girlfriend is horse mad and when I heard about the Fair Haired Lads Pass I just had to get on my mountain bike and give it a go.  What fabulous scenery and a brilliant route.  However this trail is perfect for walkers and horseriders but there are sections which are impossible to cycle.  this is because there are sections which are very twisty and steep so going uphill you cannot get enough speed to make the turn.  I am an experienced mountain biker and even I had to get off and walk up the zig zags.  However this allowed me to take in the views better!  I didn't cycle back down the zig zags but I would warn anyone having a go on a bike to very careful as the drainage ditches are wheel size which probably would catapult you off!  So to recap - best to leave the bike at home and walk it or hire or buy yourself a horse!

Bruce Mitchell

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