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Comment from a walker on the South Loch Ness Trail:-

I did the SLNT in September with friends. This was a sponsored charity walk over two days. I found navigation from north to south tricky in places but realised the other direction would be easier both physically and to navigate (due the lie of the land. I'd love to know the story of the Fair Haired Lads Pass

This walk has everything woodland, forest, moor, history.... Thanks for all your work.

South Loch Ness Booklet

There is a really good little book available for just £2.99 that gives great info on the South side of Loch Ness and you can buy it with Paypal by using the following link


If you want to read further about the area, the gold standard is Alan Lawson's book "A country called Stratherrick" and this can be got from the South Loch Ness Heritage Group.



26 July 2007Tested for Mountain Bikes

Thank you for creating the excellent path network and this very comprehensive web site to provide information.

I visited the area on 25 July having read through the web site and I think the posting of 16 July is a little misleading. I set off thinking I could take a bike around the entire route and it would take about 5 hours. This view is far from my experience yesterday.

Much of the off road sections are not suitable for bikes. The advice on the Scottish Outdoor Access Code web site states â?oIf you are cycling off-path, avoid going onto wet, boggy or soft ground, and avoid churning up the surface.

As the sections around Loch Ceo Glas and west of Loch Mhor between Garthbeg Farm and Migovie are wet, boggy and soft and impossible to bike. These areas should be avoided by cyclists where the alternate road route is much more suitable.

I cannot speak for other sections of the 7 Lochs off-road path network which may be better graded and hence more suitable for bikes.

Name: steve smirthwaite
Email Address: stevesmirthwate@aol.com

Finally I took 5 hours to cycle (and walk) the southern section of the route. My guess is that I could bike the entire circuit in about 7 hours and I would have to miss out some of the off-road sections.


Further comment from a mountain biker


I was staying in the area last week and rode the trail by mountain bike over two days, starting each day at Farigaig Centre. I found I wasted a lot of time referring to the route guide and the instructions were very confusing in some places, in particular after Garthbeg Farm and after the woods at Drumashie. Quite a lot of the tracks were unsuitable for biking, the southern half had more road and more boggy track than the northern half; the northern half was a better ride.


I am surprised that Jamie Fraser on your news pages managed the ride in 5 hours from Inverness. I took over 5 hours (3.5hrs riding) and 7.25hrs (5.5hrs ridng) for the two days for distances of 41km and 65km. The total circuit is approximately 89km not including from Inverness and back.


I think the instructions lack detail and would benefit greatly from some distances and grid references. I have re-written these with additions where I had problems and can make these available to you.


I would also note that the gate at the Loch Ashie Water  Treatment Plant was padlocked with a chain. This was not a problem for me as I climbed over but I couldn't see where a horse could pass.


Overall I would say this route is not great for mountain biking but I'm pleased to have done it. It would be much better for a horse rider (I also ride having worked as a trail leader).


best wishes

Mike Davies


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